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08.2022 – Collaboration with University of Twente

We are happy to  be a part of the KNMF proposal by Dr. Albert Wong from the University of Twente. Together with Dr. Michael Hirtz from INT, KIT and we will be studying printing approaches in the realm of Chemical Reaction Networks.


03.2022 –
Cells and Graphene


Following up our previous work on the graphe functionalization in 2013 (Multiplexed biomimetic lipid membranes on graphene by dip-pen nanolithography) and in 2016 (Attoliter Chemistry for Nanoscale Functionalization of Graphene), this time we added cell to the experiments.

We studies the effect of protein arrays on graphene oxide coatings on single-cell capture:  Protein spot arrays on graphene oxide coatings for efficient single-cell capture

Paper AV_GO_cells2022_10-2022.png

06.2022 -
Click Reactions for Covalent Surface Functionalization
(Book and Publications)

If you would like to covalently attach your molecules onto surfaces for various applications in chemical & biological sensing, click-chemistry approach is a great route to take. Our colleague,  Dr. Mahdi Dadfar, has just published a book on Click Chemistry: A Unique Tool for Surface Functionalization (ISBN 9786204982274). Except the book you can read our 4 publications with Dr. Dadfar on Surface Modification by Click Reactions (two publications in 2018, one in 2019, and one in 2021) on the group website of Dr. Michael Hirtz, INT, KIT.


07.2022 – 
How custom samples make great science (Publication)

Our part was simple - to deliver custom printed samples with DNA. But  turning those ssDNA-Micropatterned Glass Surfaces into Biomolecular Signal Transduction Platform was executed brilliantly by the group of prof. Cornelia G. Palivan. Great work by Viviana Maffeis and colleagues!
Enjoy the full paper: A DNA-Micropatterned Surface for Propagating Biomolecular Signals by Positional on-off Assembly of Catalytic Nanocompartments

If custom printed samples would be valuable in your projects, simply chat to Sylwia to discuss more details.

V-Maffeis paper_ssDNA arrays_07-2022.png

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07.2022 –
NEULAND – innovation day at KIT

We are very proud to come second in the category Technology Transfer at the #KIT #neuland #innovation contest. Thank you Horst Hahn, Michael Hirtz, Thomas Hirth for your support!

n_able 2prise_neuland_small.png

05.2022 –
3 years - 3 counrties

We are happy to celebrate our 3rd birthday as GmbH.
Big thank you! to our customers, colleagues and partners for supporting us and trusting in our products.

01.2022 –
Partnership with Advanced Creative Solutions Technology

We are striving to be all-in-one stop for our customers providing everything needed for surface functionalization and characterization. And we are happy and proud to partner with acs-t in delivering surface functionalization tools.

ACST, Advanced Creative Solutions Technology, LLC, is a multifaceted global company providing comprehensive solutions for applications in micro- and nanotechnology.

Our cooperation will give our existing and new customers in Europe access to:

• an extensive selection of printing probes and matching ink-wells

• project consulting on surface functionalization and characterization.

If you would like to discuss tools needed for your project, just send an email to

acst partnership_2.png

12.2021 –
Wishing you peaceful Holidays and a Happy New Year! 

Wishing  everyone a wonderful holiday season and a great start into the New Year! See you back in January!


05.2021 – Partnership with Research Micro Stamps

We are very excited to start our partnership with USA based Research Micro Stamps company. This alliance will give our existing and new customers in Europe easy access to:

  • an extensive selection of microcontact printing stamps

  • possibility to order a custom designed stamp

  • project consulting

If you would like to discuss stamps needed for your project, just send an email to

RMS_nable coop_WS_07-2021.png

03.2021 –
Nano eNabler installation at IPCMS, Strasbourg, France

We are happy to announce that as a result of our partnership with BioForceNanosciences we have installed NeN system at IPCMS. The NeN system will be used in various applications in physics and chemistry at nano- and micro-scales.


03.2021 –
Launch of our new system – UV-platform

We are proud to launch our new UV-platform that will assist your surface functionalization. It is dedicated for those working with polymers, resins or hydrogels. But is might as well be used for surface sterilization for small lab tools. We hope you find it useful!

3_20210225_144807_no BG§_small.png

07.2020 – 
Molecular Printer installation at the University of Manchester

We are proud to announce our first sale to UK. Our custom built Molecular Printer will strengthen the research done in the group of Prof. Cinzia Casiraghi. To learn more on Cinzia and her outstanding research on  2-Dimensional (2D) materials, simply visit her website.

UManchester sale_07-2020.png

06.2020 – Cooperation with BioForce Nanosciences, Inc.

We are proud to announce that we have entered into an exciting joint venture with BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. This collaboration will give existing and new customers in Europe and the US unique access to:

  • molecular printing and micro-deposition instruments

  • complementary consumables

  • know-how

  • technical support

  • project consulting

For more information just send an email to


10.2019 –
New Molecular Printer installation at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

We are proud to announce that our Molecular Printer is installed at the Institute of Nanotechnology as part of technologies offered by KNMF. To learn more about this system and its capabilities please go to KNMF website.
If you would like to schedule system demonstration at INT, please contact PD Dr. Dr. Michael Hirtz

P1060280_no BG_BLUE.png

29.05.2020 –
We are celebrating our first birthday!

Thank you everyone who has supported us on our way from the initial idea, through Helmholtz Association funding to the launch of our brand.

Let‘s celebrate and continue the story together!


10 – 11.03.2020 KNMF User Meeting at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Let’s meet at KNMF User Meeting. It is a perfect opportunity to see our Molecular Printer in the lab setting and get introduced to other technologies available at the KIT. To register simply go to KNMF website. You can also take part in the training course and take the printing process in your hands.

KNMF meeting_03-2020.png
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