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Consumables are at the heart of the  printing process.

We made sure that our Molecular Printer can accommodate a variety of tools for printing. Those can range from AFM-based probes to soft polymeric stamps. This gives you
3 printing techniques at hand and freedom and flexibility to chose the tool best suited to print the pattern you need for your experiments.

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Printing Stamps


Thanks to our partnership with 
USA based company Research Micro Stamps our EU customers can order microcontact printing stamps directly from us.

​We can also support you to design and fabricate your custom solution polymeric stamp or stamp mold.

To discuss it in details  simply email us!


Microcontact Spotting Probes

We are offering our  EU customers microchannel cantilever probes
(SPT probes), through our partnership with BioForce Nanosciences, Inc.
SPT probes are a perfect tool
for printing fluid inks containing
proteins, antibodies, DNA, RNA,
viruses as well as non-biological
materials like chemical solutions,
colloids and particle solutions.

SPT probes

"The SPTs  provide us a versatile "nanopen" usable for micropatterning aqueous inks containing fluorolabeled phospholipids onto glass solid surfaces. The continuous replenishment from the reservoir permits printing large number of spots (>100) without liquid reloading. After deposition, an optimized cleaning protocol is carried out. This consists in 20 minutes ozone cleaning, ethanol loading on SPTs (three times 0.4 microliters), gently wiping ethanol residues with optical cleaning tissues and finally a second run of 20 minutes ozone cleaning. This cleaning ultimately allows us to obtain  reproducible patterning results whilst maintaining the cleanliness of the SPTs.“

Dr. Giuseppe Arrabito,

Department of Physics and Chemistry, University of Palermo, Italy


Silicon nitride probes and reservoirs for a variety of applications

We are offering our  EU customers a selection of probes and reservoirs through our partnership with acs-t, LCC.
This selection of tools can be used for patterning molecular materials in complex designs as well as for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).

DPN probs

Ink reservoirs

Accessories for your work

Teflon holder

Small and handy helper for cleaning the substrates or reactions in bulk solution.
It's made of Teflon and we can customize the design to fit the size of your substrates perfectly into it, i
n preparation for the printing step.


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