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Molecular Desktop Printer

is the only instrument for fast and flexible functionalization of surfaces and devices with
3 different printing techniques.

Compatible with diverse selection of printing tools, it can deposit a great variety of molecular inks on various surface topographies and chemistries.

It is also modular, and can be edited to match your projects precisely.

3 printing techniques

can be performed with flexible choice of matching probes

Our Molecular Printer can accommodate a variety of tools for printing, ranging from AFM-based probes to soft polymeric stamps.

This gives you freedom and flexibility to print your patterns from nm to µm resolution to best match your project needs.


Microcontact Spotting Probes





Microcontact Printing Stamps

Printer modules

1. Optical module
allows you to control your printing process in-situ with an built-in zoom microscope. This module can be expanded by adding fluorescence and polarization imaging.

2. Printing module
can accommodate a variety of commercially available tools ranging from AFM-based probes to soft polymeric stamps. This gives you freedom and flexibility to chose the probes best suited for your project. To increase the control over the printing process down to the nanoscale this module can be also upgraded with components allowing higher resolution and automated tilting.

3. Substrate platform

can easily accommodate a high number of substrates thanks to its large size. This will help you printing on large size samples as well as improve mass fabrication of smaller substrates. It can be upgraded with a rotation or temperature control module.

that can be added into the printer


Our Molecular Printer can also accommodate modules that will provide you with more control over the printing process. Let's discuss what you need for your experiments.

Humidity Module

High-Resolution Module

Rotation Module

Explore also stand-alone modules to enable your experiments

Perfect tool to activate and clean your probes before and after printing -
UV/Ozone ProCleaner

Thanks to our partnership with BioForce Nanosciences, we can provide to you with this very useful tool, for the preparatory step before printing.

It can be applied for:

  • cleaning molecular contamination from micro-channel probes, AFM probes and various surfaces

  • curing UV-adhesives

  • UV photo-patterning of SAM surfaces

  • oxidizing PDMS

  • etching, patterning, sharpening

  • cleaning MEMS devices

  • sterilization of small tools, surfaces, and samples

Ozone Cleaner
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