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Modules - stand alone instruments to enable your experiments

Implementing those modules will allow you to have portable systems to
UV-expose, regulate temperature and humidity conditions of your experiments.
Humidity Modue

Humidity Module

will assist you to control relative humidity conditions inside customizable chamber, that we can custom fabricate for you. The relative humidity can range from 15 to 90 % (stability +/- 1%) allowing you a broad range of experimental conditions.

It can be applied for:

  • regulating humidity for controlled ink transfer

  • humidifying the chamber for
    in-situ incubation

  • long incubation experiments in high or low humidity conditions

Heating Module

will assist you to control the temperature of the sample surface during pre- or post- print processing, during imaging under upright microscope or in AFM system. The relative temperature can range from ambient to 100 °C (stability +/- 0.5°C)  allowing you to define a broad range of experimental conditions.

It can be applied for:

  • binding / annealing / baking step before or after printing inks ranging from antibodies to polymers

  • regulating sample temperature during AFM

  • controlling sample temperature during microscopy

UV Module

will assist your surface functionalization. If you are printing polymers, resins or hydrogels you may find this module very useful. Importantly, it is independent of our Molecular Printer system and can be used as a separate device.

It can be applied for:

  • substrate or probes  activation

  • polymerization

  • photochemistry

  • crosslinking

  • photolithography

  • sterilization of small tools

Technical specifications:

  • Lamp Wavelength: 365 nm

  • FWHM: +- 10nm

  • Intensity: 800 mW/cm^2

  • Exposure Area: 40 x 40 mm

Main features of the UV-system:

  • High power UV-LED lamp with a very long lifetime that allows for a maintenance free operation

  • Short process times of the UV exposure process

  • Ozone-free process

UV Module
Heating Module
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