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We are very proud to be partnering and collaborating with companies that provide value to customers interested in surface functionalization and its various applications.


Research Micro Stamps

Microcontact printing is a powerful technology that continues to grow in popularity. However, creating your own micro stamps is time consuming and requires specific technology.

RMS company has spent over a decade designing and creating a broad portfolio of microcontact printing stamps for national labs, universities, small companies, and Fortune 500 companies.   Together with RMS we are offering  microcontact stamps to anyone - hassle free.  Let us make the stamps you need so that you can focus on your project.  Just click - and your micro stamps will ship within 5 business days.  

BioForce Nanosciences

Patterned substrates can be used in applications ranging from fundamental biology to material science. Utilizing the right tool for it is key for local deposition of molecules.

The SPT™ surface patterning tool is the “ink cartridge” for the Nano eNabler™ system. Each SPT is a microcantilever-based microfluidic chip for delivering molecular species or materials. 
For each SPT probe type printing spot size ranges depending on surface chemistry and printing parameters such as: contacting force, dwelling time, humidity etc. And for some experiments, SPT probes may be cleaned in BioForce’s UV/Ozone ProCleaner™ for re-use.

BioForce Nanosciences Inc. supplies a variety of different SPT probes to meet a broad range of customer needs and can also provide custom SPT design and fabrication.


For customers that need a very specialized services in materials characterization in the field of surface, interface, and thin-film micro-area analysis nanoAnalytics offer a broad range of services.
Additionally if you are interested in high-tech measurement equipment for monitoring cellular processes, their CellZscope is a perfect solution.

nanoAnalytics with their modern analytical equipment can provide customers with detailed information on the chemical composition and morphology of samples. Simply contact the team to discuss your project and they will be able to provide you with relevant information regarding challenges in  analysis, quality assurance and product development. You will receive the results quickly, typically within 6 - 10 days.

If you are interested in using the cellZscope systems to measure the transepithelial electrical resistance TEER of cell layers automatically under physiological conditions nanoAnalytics team can advise you on your experimental set up in details. cellZscope models are ideally suited for quality control of cell lines or for studying the influence of substances such as drugs, toxins etc. on the barrier function of cell layers. To learn more simply contact the team to get advice on your project and best suited cellZscope model.

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