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Our products - Your success in direct and localized surface functionalization

Our mission is to enable your projects with tools that will make your experience effortless.  With our products including Molecular Printer, stand-alone Modules, Custom Printed Samples as well as a range of consumables and consulting services we deliver a wide portfolio of solution directly to you.

Molecular Desktop Printer

is the only instrument enabling easy to operate and flexible printing with


3 different techniques.


Compatible with variety of printing tools, it can deposit a great selection of molecular inks on various surface chemistries.

Modules - stand alone instruments
to enable your experiments

Our compact and portable modules will allow you to
UV-expose, regulate temperature and humidity conditions of your experiments.

Discover your applications

Our molecular printer offers great possibilities for the fabrication of functional arrays, molecular sensors and lab-on-a-chip platforms.

It is a powerful tool for biological and medical research, as well as material science.

Switchover between three soft-lithography-based printing techniques allows you a high degree of flexibility during sample fabrication. Automation of printing of single or multiplexed patterns makes our printer very easy to operate.

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